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At Center for Dentistry and Orthodontics in Stevens Point, we believe in the importance of modern, health-oriented dental and orthodontic care and we know a healthy mouth is important to overall health.

Our Goal? To Make A Difference and Help Others

Our caring preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry will keep you and your family members smiling, confident, and healthy for years to come.


‘‘Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, warm, and friendly all at the same time. It's a refreshing and rare combination in the medical world.

- Doug A, Actual Patient.

Down-to-earth. Skilled. Caring. From your very first visit to the moment you see your smile for the first time, you will receive beyond-ordinary dental care. We believe in continuing our education to bring the latest and best in both dental and orthodontic care to our patients.

Dr. Walczak and his entire team love their jobs! Working with patients and witnessing the transformation a healthy, beautiful smile makes, never gets old for him. We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to dentistry in Stevens Point. We hope to see your beautiful smile soon!


How We Go Above And Beyond For You

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays enables us to display super high definition images of your mouth on a big screen where we can visualize and virtually sculpt your ideal smile. Plus, digital X-rays emit nearly 90% less radiation!

Intraoral Cameras

The size of a dime, this tiny HD camera helps us observe hidden areas of the mouth and diagnose severe problems that we would not have been able to see a few years ago. But best of all it helps you see what we see.

Panorex Imaging

Panorex gives us the big-picture view in dentistry. The machine circles around your head, taking a full 360-degree picture of your teeth, sinuses and bones. This way, we meticulously make sure that everything is functioning correctly.

CEREC Technology

Get restorative dental work on your lunch break! With CEREC technology, we can restore decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth in a matter of hours! These high-quality restorations can be completed in just one visit.


Dr. Gerald S. Walczak

"I truly love what I do, witnessing the transformation of a beautiful smile never gets old for me."


Choose the Right Orthodontic Care

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  • Three different methods to becoming a good orthodontic consumer.
  • How to ask your orthodontic provider the right questions.
  • Unique tips in order to choose the right orthodontic care for your child.
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